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The Provo City Library is excited to announce our new collection of Read Along Books! Each Read Along Book comes with an attached audio player—that way young listeners can hear the audio recording of the book, complete with page turn signals, as they read. We were so excited about our new collection that we wanted to show you what Read Alongs are, where they are located in the library, and how you can find them in our catalog.


Be aware that some of the book covers for these Read Alongs may look different from what you are used to with regular library books. For example, the dust jacket (that paper that covers the hard bit of the book) for COME HOME ALREADY looks like this:

10.16 Come Home Already Regular Cover


While GIRAFFES CAN'T DANCE looks like this:

10.16 Giraffes Cant Dance


The Read Alongs look a little bit different, like this:

10.16 Come Home Already Vox Cover


or this:

10.16 Giraffes Cant Dance Wonder Cover


This is different from the regular book covers in that they have either this Vox Books sticker:

10.16 Vox Sticker


Or a Wonder Book sticker:

Wonderbook Sticker



Vox Books and Wonder Books are two different companies that create Read Along books. Just like there are different book publishers for regular books, there are different publishers for Read Along books.

The Vox Books player that produces the audio for the book looks like this:

10.16 Inside a Vox Book

On the side of the Vox player is where you can turn on the device.

10.16 Side of a Vox Book

You can press play on the top part of a Vox Book here:

10.16 Vox Press Play


The Wonder Books are similar; here is what a Wonder Books device looks like:

 10.16 Wonder Device

Here is  the power button for a Wonder Book:

10.16 Wonder Power Button

And this is where you would press “play” for a Wonder Book:

10.16 Wonder Press Play



These fabulous Read Alongs are located in the Children’s Department on our Audio/Visual shelves.

10.16 Read Along Shelf Sign

just above the hanging book/cd collection.

10.16 Read Along Shelf



As you can see, there aren’t that many books on the shelf right now—most of them are all checked out! So, you can find out which read alongs are available in the library catalog by:

1. Pulling up the library’s website.

2. Looking in the upper right hand corner of our website to find the catalog search box. Then type “jrp” (which stands for “Juvenile Read Along Picture Books”) and hit enter.

10.16 Enter JRP in catalog

3. Once you hit enter, a search results page will open. Scroll down. On the left hand side there is a string of ways to “Limit Search Results”. The very last (on the bottom) of these is the way you can limit by “collection”. Check the box that is by the “JRP” as a collection type.

10.16 Collection JRP

4. Press the “Include” button.

10.16 Collection JRP Include



The second type of Read Alongs that we have are the Juvenile Read Along Easy Readers, like DINOTRUX GO TO SCHOOL.

10.16 Dinotrux Easy Reader Wonderbook Cover


To find these in the catalog you would do the exact same thing that I described above, only you would:

1. Enter “jre” in the catalog search box (instead of “jrp”).

10.16 Enter JRE in Catalog

2. Down at the bottom of the “Limit Search Results” boxes you would find the limit by “collection” box and check the box by “JRE” as a collection type.

10.16 Collection JRE

3. Then press the “Include” button.

10.16 Collection JRE Include


There is a limit of three Read Alongs that can be checked out on a library card at any given time. So just remember that if you have multiple holds come in all at once you are still limited to only checking out three Read Alongs at a time. Like other library materials, this collection can be checked out for three weeks.

There you go. Hopefully, now you know more about the brand new Read Along collection, a little bit about how they work, and how to find them in the library and in the catalog. We hope you enjoy this fun new way of interacting with books!

Forgive me for such a long blog post! I just want to make sure I give you all the information about this fun new collection! If you still have questions after this lengthy post, please feel free to talk to a Children’s Librarian about the Read Alongs.

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