Book Blind Date

We have all been there: caught by the intrigue, longing for the the possibility for love. Or just the next good read. After an excursion out to the bookshop, you carry the small stack of books you decided to buy and stand in line for the cashier. Your eyes wander, naturally still looking, and they notice a stand of what appears to be books entirely wrapped in brown butcher paper.  A piece of twine warps around the edges and makes a perfect bow on the fronts. In black marker, bullet points are listed, telling you three random details about the book hidden underneath. All you must do is go up to the counter, purchase the mystery, and start your next adventure.

But do those kinds of dates ever really work out?

Personally, I have never been able to commit to a blind date with a book.  It’s always seemed like a lot of commitment for a book I don’t even know. Right?

That’s why our blind date with a book series is going to work a bit differently. If you find that you are interested in one of the fabulous mystery books below, click the link and it’ll take you start to its catalog page. There you can come face to face with the book you’ve chosen and truly decide if it is the one that you have been longing for. All the intrigue with none of the worries.

Now, I hope you and your book have good time! 


  • Murder mystery
  • First-person narrator
  • Quick read
  • Just wait until the end…


  • Time travel
  • Female protagonist
  • Fast paced with plenty of action and danger
  • And who is that stranger anyway?


  • Nonfiction
  • Underdogs
  • Redefining Success
  • What if our weaknesses give us an advantage?


  • Regency romance
  • Utah author
  • Difficult mothers
  • Childhood friends.
  • Will they find love?

So, which did you choose?

6.7 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd#1: THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD
By Agatha Christie


6.7 Lightning#2: LIGHTNING
By Dean R. Koontz


6.7 David and Goliath#3: DAVID AND GOLIATH
By Malcolm Gladwell


6.7 Blackmoore#4: BLACKMOORE
By Julianne Donaldson


Still looking for literary love? Check out round 2 here.

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