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This is my third and last instalment of Hidden Gems of Provo. I explored Center Street and University Avenue in my earlier posts (part 1, part 2). Now, please allow me to introduce you to a few lovely places located at The Shops at Riverwoods.

4801 N University Ave #210

I love cookies. When I heard about this gourmet cookie shop I said, “Yes please!”

I was not disappointed.

This shop has a lot going for it:

  1. It’s small—this makes the cookie selection process a more personal experience.

  2. They have a variety of flavors (including not one but TWO specialty flavors of the month).

  3. The aesthetics are lovely. 

I would recommend this spot to cookie lovers and aspiring cookie connoisseurs.

5.29 Suss

4801 N University Ave #340

If a bookstore, an antique shop, and an art gallery had a child together, then it would be Moon’s Rare Books. The beauty of this place made me gasp when I walked in.

This store not only carries an array of beautiful books and antiques, but it also houses events and opportunities for locals to showcase their passions. Check out their calendar for more information.

5.21 Celtic TalesI found a lot of specialty books here and I will return to purchase them. For now, please appreciate the beautiful Celtic Tales book I acquired there.

Fun fact: This book is also found in our library’s catalog.


4801 N University Ave

They have a reading nook.

Pardon me, let me repeat that.


In addition, this lovely toy store has a fabulous selection of card and board games, vintage toys, and beautiful children’s books.

5.29 RapunzelI mean, just look at this Rapunzel book:This book is also in our catalog.


Blickenstaff’s is the embodiment of every toy store that filled my childhood dreams. Whether you visit as an adult or a child there is something there to entertain.And thus ends my recorded explorations of hidden gems in Provo. What other hidden gems have you found?


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