It started with a storage room and an idea. 

Several years ago, the Library put out a survey asking for your input about what direction you'd like us to go next. One theme that emerged from that survey was the call for some kind of makerspace at the Library. Well, we listened. We researched. And after years of research and planning, we are thrilled to open our newest Library space, the Basement Creative Lab. 

Located in the west parking garage tunnel, the Basement Creative Lab is a new audiovisual production studio space available free to Provo residents for sound and video recording. 

The mission of the Basement Creative Lab is primarily educational; it is a place for residents to learn and practice video and audio production skills. With a host of cameras, lights, microphones, and other equipment available to them, Provo residents can create a variety of media projects in the lab.  

In addition to the studio space, the Basement Creative Lab will also offer two more production tools for our patrons: first, we will offer a small collection of equipment that Provo residents can check out to use outside of the Library. Second, we will offer two editing stations with Adobe Creative Cloud and other software for video, audio, and graphics editing. These editing stations will be located on the first floor of the Rogers Wing and will operate on an electronic reservation system. 

Classes are now available; we will begin allowing patrons to reserve studio space on July 2. 

Here are answers to a few questions you might have about the Basement Creative Lab. If you are interested in reading more of our policies for use or in viewing a calendar of classes and reservations, you can find them over on the Basement Creative Lab page (find it under the "Learn" tab of our website). 

Q: Who can use the Basement Creative Lab?

A: This facility is exclusively for Provo residents ages 13 and up. Children younger than 13 may use the lab if they are part of a Library program or if they are accompanied by an adult. Teens ages 13–18 must have signed permission from a parent or guardian. A current Provo City Library card is required.

Anyone who wishes to use the studio must take our basic “Introduction to Studio Production” class, taught weekly at the Library. This applies to all users, regardless of their stated level of experience. Once the class is finished, our lab technicians will add Basement Creative Lab privileges onto the user’s library card.

Anyone who wishes to check out a GoPro camera kit to use outside the Library needs to complete our GoPro camera tutorials, available on our website. Upon completing the course, users can bring in a certificate of completion and they will then be allowed to reserve equipment. 

Q: How do I reserve studio time or equipment?

A: The studio and our circulating equipment operate on a reservation system. Requests can be made on our website and must be made at least seven days in advance of the request. Creative Lab Technicians will verify that you have all the necessary privileges and will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can use the Lab?

A: To make sure that the most people possible have access to the studio, users and user groups are limited to 8 hours of studio time per month and may only have one reservation scheduled at a time. 

Q: How is the Basement Creative Lab funded?

A: Funds for the ongoing operation of the Basement Creative Lab will come from the Library’s budget. Construction costs were supplemented by the RAP tax; equipment for the Lab was purchased through the Community Library Enhancement Fund from the Utah State Library. 

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