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After doing the Make and Take Craft program every summer, I have noticed that there are some skills that kids just do not have in this tech age. One of the biggest ones is using scissors. While the idea of handing scissors to a child and allowing them to cut something can cause fear in any parent (and anxiety in those who want things picture-perfect), knowing how to use scissors is a skill that every child needs to have—not just for crafting but for developing fine motor skills. The skill of hand separation (ability to use only some of the fingers and not all on the hand) will help with other fine motor skills later in life—playing a musical instrument, typing, and doing the Vulcan hand sign (okay, so that last one might not be as important). 

Here are a few tips to help you teach scissor skills to your kids: 

  1. Teach scissor safety: Never walk (or run) with scissors 

  2. Purchase blunt edge scissors 

  3. Remind kids that scissors are for cutting paper only
    And then remind them again...and get the picture. I personally made quite the fashion statement when I cut off one of my pigtails as a child, but hey, it makes for a great story now that I'm older. 

  4. Just like any other skill, practice makes perfect(ish)
    There are many practice cutting worksheets you can find online but mix it up by making a craft 

For further info, check out the article Teaching Preschoolers to Use Scissors from Parents Magazine.

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