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One of the joys of being a Children’s Librarian is sharing both new and classic picture books with kids during our programs. Even in our Library Kids, Jr (ages 5-8) craft program and our Lego Crew (ages 5-8) program, we always start by reading a picture book aloud. 

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of laughs, a lot of “awwws,” and a lot of funny or deep questions from my audience. I’ve had to learn which books appeal to adults but not necessarily to kids, and vice versa. I’ve been surprised by the children’s comprehension of subtle humor and their ability to recall specific details of stories we read weeks before. 

While each child, of course, has their own individual tastes in reading, and while both boys and girls enjoy the following books, I have found that the following five picture books have a special appeal for young boys. They feature epic battles, outrageous humor, over-the-top situations, exaggerated technical and imaginative details, and funny voices.  

3.2 If I Built a HouseIF I BUILT A HOUSE
By Chris Van Dusen

Jack describes the house of his dreams that he plans to build, complete with self-cooking kitchen, indoor racetrack, and a scuba diving room. 


3.2 Im a SharkI’M A SHARK!
By Bob Shea

This shark is not afraid of anything! Not the dark, not giant squids, not big mean bears. But the reader begins to suspect that there is one thing that Shark is scared of. 


3.2 Mustache BabyMUSTACHE BABY
By Bridget Heos

Baby Billy is born with a mustache. The doctor says that only time will tell if it’s a good-guy mustache or a bad-guy mustache. At first Billy’s cowboy mustache and cop mustache help him bring justice and order. But soon his mustache starts curling at the ends… 


3.2 The Legend of Rock Paper ScissorsTHE LEGEND OF ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS
By Drew Daywalt

Inspired by the childhood game of rock, paper, scissor, this is an outrageous and hilarious depiction of the original epic battle between the three mighty warriors. 


3.2 Shark vs. TrainSHARK VS. TRAIN
By Chris Barton

Shark and Train pit themselves against each other in one competition after another, including swimming, bowling, pie eating and more. Who will win?


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