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Since the publishing’s beginning, authors of children’s literature have used pen names.  Did you know that Lewis Caroll is a pen name?  His birth name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson.  Dr. Seuss, of course, was a pen name for Theodore Geisel, as was Theo LeSieg (Lesieg is Geisel backwards).  More recently, Daniel Handler became famous as the author Lemony Snicket.  A few children’s authors have gone even more creative with their pen names. 

Here are 5 of my favorite funny pseudonyms: 

11.30 CreepoverTHE CREEPOVER series
By P. J. Night 







11.30 Tales from the ScaremasterTHE SCAREMASTER series
By B.A. Frade 







11.30 Dumb BunniesDUMB BUNNIES 
By Sue Denim (say it fast, and look at the last word in my above paragraph) 




11.30 Diary of a Minecraft ZombieDIARY OF A MINECRAFT ZOMBIE series
By Zach Zombie (of course.) 








11.30 The Name of this Book is SecretTHE SECRET SERIES 
By Pseudonymous Bosch






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