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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Gathering with friends and family and eating delicious foods are two of my very favorite things. For me the best part of Thanksgiving is getting a small slice of all of the different kinds of pie!

When I lived in Virginia, a family I knew from church had a pie party on the morning of Thanksgiving every year. They would invite neighbors and friends to come eat pie before the day’s festivities began. I loved that they had this party and looked forward to it as soon as fall began each year.

As the holidays approach, I thought I’d share a few of the resources we have to help you make the perfect pie. If you need some help getting started, this four part Pie Making Boot Camp series from Mel’s Kitchen Café will guide you on your pastry making journey (each word links to a different part in the series). These blogposts are filled with lots of pictures to guide you step by step. In addition, here are some great pie-based cookbooks we have at the library! 

11.20.17 Handheld PiesHANDHELD PIES 
by Sarah Billingsley

Features free-form, structured, and jar pies as well as a variety of crust and filling recipes. This book includes both sweet and savory pies.



11.20.17 Pie and TartPIE & TART
by Carolyn Weil

A homemade pie or tart is a great way to make any meal special. Baking is easy as pie when following the recipes in this book!



11.20.17 Pie SchoolPIE SCHOOL
by Kate Lebo

Now this is the kind of school I’d like to attend! The author shares 50 recipes and includes the social history of the pie.



11.20.17 Cutie PiesCUTIE PIES
by Dani Cone

This book includes sweet and savory hand, petite, jar, and full-sized pies. Also pie pops. Pie on a stick? Count me in!



11.20.17 Art of the PieART OF THE PIE
by Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott has taught thousands of people across the country how to make pie at her Pie Camps. This book includes more than a dozen crust recipes, half of which are gluten free.




11.20.17 Lion House PiesLION HOUSE PIES
by Brenda Hopkin

In this book you’ll find more than 70 recipes with easy-to-follow directions and a DVD with baking tips and tricks!





11.20.17 Teenys Tour of PieTEENY’S TOUR OF PIE
by Teeny Lamothe

I read this book a few years ago (and reviewed it last November) and I just keep thinking about it! I love that Teeny wanted to be a lady pie baker and made her dream happen. This book is part cookbook and part memoir, one of my favorite kinds of books to read.


And in case someone beat you to the punch checking these ones out, search for the following downloadable eBooks on Overdrive to ensure that you’ll always have access to a great book about pie.

THE MAGIC OF MINI PIES by Abigail Gehring

THE PIE PROJECT by Phoebe Wood

PIE by Ken Haedrich

GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN PIE by Jennifer Katzinger 

Also, don’t miss our Holiday Cooking display on the 2nd floor for more delicious cooking resources!

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