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A recent trend in children and teen fiction is for books in a series to be released one after another in quick succession.  This is one of the motivations behind popular multi-author series like 39 CLUES and SPIRIT ANIMALS.  If you have more than one author working on the series, the books can be released more rapidly.  I am always interested, therefore, when a book in a series comes out way (I am talking many years) after the previous book was published.  An author has to have a pretty dedicated readership if they are willing to wait that long to know what happens next in the story.  Here are some children/teen book series that that came out over a long period of time, but were well worth the wait. 

10.18 The Queens ThiefTHE QUEEN’S THIEF
By Megan Whelan Turner

The Queen’s Thief series kicked off in 1996 with THE THIEF, which was an instant hit. This series contains a current total of 5 books spanning 21 years! The most recent addition, THICK AS THIEVES, was published just this year. This series is clever, action-packed, and always ready with a twist. It was worth the wait.




10.18 ShilohSHILOH
By Phyllis Naylor

Naylor introduced us to the beloved beagle in 1991 with SHILOH. A subsequent two books were published a couple of years apart in the 90s. We thought that was the end of the famous dog until finally, in 2015, she delighted us again with A SHILOH CHRISTMAS. That’s 24 years from first book to last! 




10.18 The GiverTHE GIVER
by Lois Lowry

THE GIVER has been a popular required school reading since its publication in 1993 and subsequent Newbery award. Many don’t realize that Lowry ever gave us more to the story that ended on such a cliff hanger, but there are actually 3 more books to this saga. The final book (at least for now) is SON, which wasn’t published until 2012, giving this series an impressive 19 year publication span.




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