Yoga? At the library? Aren’t librararies just about books?

Reading stretches your mind; it’s an excellent way to explore new ideas and realize who you really are in relation to those characters and ideas. Yoga likewise teaches you about yourself as you move through a sequence. Though you may think of it as merely a series of stretches, the moving mediation of yoga invites a stillness of the mind while the body is challenged in stretches and flowing movement. Attention to breath brings an awareness to the body and allows participants to connect with those around them. While doing the sequences together a greater sense of one’s purpose in life and purpose in the community can be revealed. During and after a yoga class you feel an overall sense of gratitude. You are thankful for your body, the exercise, the place it was taught, and your yoga teacher, and you go away with a kinder more positive outlook on life. 

Yoga at the library welcomes everyone. It’s not about how flexible you are. In fact that is one of the purposes of yoga: to progress in your flexibility and movement. You absolutely don’t have to be bendy to begin a practice. You can come no matter your experience level in yoga. We have pregnant women, college students, moms with their kids, couples on a date, veteran yogis and first timers. While the library is not a health club offering fitness classes, we are an institution that strives to better individuals, families and the community; offering free monthly yoga classes helps fulfill that mission.

Yoga at the Library is part of our Learn It @ Your Library series. Other topics in this series include Hair 101, how to buy a house, how to use credit card points and miles, bicycle care, emergency preparedness, sewing, writing workshops, parents talking to their kids, and so many more. Learn Its are always FREE. They are open to the public, so you don’t have to have a library card. Invite friends and then when they are here they can get a library card too! Yoga is held monthly on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the Bullock room #309. 

Hope to see you all at yoga next month! Namaste! If you’re interested in other free yoga classes around the community, Yoga Recyled has got you covered:   

Yoga @ the Library was on the local news! Check out the clip here

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