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Like many of you, I am an avid reader. Probably also like many of you, I didn’t really grow up reading comics. My experience with comic book characters came more by way of the big and small screens (Adam West will always be my most favorite Batman) than it did by reading. Even after marrying a comics enthusiast, I still wouldn’t really call myself a comic book reader. 

While in college I started hearing more and more about graphic novels, and I stumbled upon a few works of graphic nonfiction, and I was hooked! Even though I might not be up to date on all the latest incarnations of Spider-Man, I'm definitely a fan of the medium,  and given the dramatic rise in publishing rates for graphic novels of all kinds, I’m clearly not the only one. 

If you’ve walked around the library or taken a look at our calendar, you’ll probably know that I’m writing this post to promote our second annual GET GRAPHIC FESTIVAL. This year’s featured guest will be Victoria Jamieson, award-winning author/illustrator of ROLLER GIRL and the new ALL’S FAIRE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. The festival, which takes place on October 13 and 14, will celebrate all things about graphic novels; in addition to Jamieson’s keynote addresses (one on Friday night and one on Saturday), we will have breakout sessions by local illustrators, art experimentation stations, and interactive games. A variety of graphic novels for all ages will be for sale courtesy of Dragon’s Keep. 

Tickets are now available for the keynote addresses; here are some links for your convenience!

Tickets for Friday, October 13

Tickets for Saturday, October 14

I’m not the only one who loves graphic novels! Here’s a round up of recommendations and recaps extolling the virtues of this medium! 

Recap of last year’s festival

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Graphic Novel Festival with Gene Yang (pt.2)

Recommendations and Lists

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Favorite Graphic Novels

Did you know? 

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