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I care about the kids in my life. My nieces and nephews can be bundles of energy or calm, thoughtful thinkers; and my guess is that the children in your life are as changeable and important as my favorite munchkins. Each child needs a vast array of support and love. But there is one other thing that I believe every kid needs—books. 

Books are tools for learning in so many ways:

  • Books teach language and thought processes

  • Books are entertainment—sometimes acting as an important escape from homework

  • Books help expand understanding and introduce new ideas

  • Books help navigate emotion and teach empathy

All in all, books are pretty important for kids as they grow and develop. 

Even though all kids need books, not all kids need the same type of book. A baby needs a book that she can hold (and often taste), while a child in early elementary school needs a book that is interesting but simple enough to read on his own. Thankfully, there are millions upon millions of books in the world! And a large collection of children’s books can be found here at the Provo City Library! We have books that span all types of subjects, formats, and reading levels. We have everything from baby board books to 800-page fantasy epics. There are Very Easy Readers for those just starting to sound out words and Discovery Kits for kinesthetic preschoolers who want to play as they learn. Basically, we have something for every child. 

There is a saying that a child who doesn’t like to read just hasn’t found the right book yet. Here are just a few of the ways we help kids find what they need:

  • We have all kinds of book lists for those who only want a small amount of direction in their book hunting.
  • We also write a children’s books review blog, so you can know about some of the best books being published.
  • And, of course, we have amazing librarians who are trained to help youngsters find books that meet their individual needs.

My hope is that every child can find something to read that they really enjoy. Because I believe children need books!

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