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 A few months ago I got into the car and a CD started to play. I found myself singing along, enjoying myself, belting out the melodies and harmonies. Then I realized my kids were not sitting in the back of the van. They were at school and I was alone, driving to work. All. By. Myself. The CD was made for kids and here I was, an adult, with no kids in the car. I hadn’t cringed and turned it off when it came on or immediately switched the music. I actually enjoyed it enough to sing-along. 

Sometimes you have to do a little digging to find music the whole family can enjoy. I listen to a little bit of everything, so I love exposing my children to a variety of music genres. Sometimes I do end up listening to music specifically designed for children, but I am picky about making sure that parents can also enjoy the music. It becomes something we do together as a family. Here are some of our favorites . . .   

9.22 Snack TimeSNACKTIME
Barenaked Ladies
Desperation Records 

Of all the albums, this is most definitely our family favorite. Classic Barenaked Ladies with fun harmonies and rhythms. The songs are clever and often laugh-out-loud funny. In “7 8 9” six is afraid of seven because seven ate nine! “The Crazy ABC’s” uses words that are correct but don’t sound right: like “m” for mnemonic (among others).  This album has upbeat songs mixed in with some ballads—something for everyone. It‘s just plain fun.  

Jack Johnson

One of the best things that can happen when parenting small children is when one of your favorite artists comes out with a children’s album. Jack Johnson was a favorite of mine before kids and this came out just in time for my children to listen to when they were young. 

9.22 Family TimeFAMILY TIME
Ziggy Marley
Tuff Gong Worldwide 

This album is full of fun songs with Jamaican rhythms that are enjoyable and stand out from the other albums. It also includes a couple of stories at the end read by Jamie Lee Curtis.  

Lisa Loeb 

This album has more of a camp-song feel, and the kids love singing along with her. The songs are catchy, and most of the words are simple to learn. Just be careful with this one: the songs will get stuck in your head.  

9.22 Here Comes ScienceHERE COMES SCIENCE
They Might Be Giants
Walt Disney Records 

Thank you “They Might Be Giants” for putting facts to tunes! These songs have a lot of teaching involved. They are basically scientific facts woven into fun music. This band has a lot of different fun kids music albums, so if you haven’t ever tried them, you need to.       

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