Lining the entrance of the Children’s Department are ten glass display cases. These display cases are one of the ways we keep things interesting over here—with a six week rotation schedule, they are changing all the time.  

Some of the display cases show off what’s going on in our kids’ programs. One case shows the crafts for Library Kids Jr and Sr. as well as the Monday night crafts that are scheduled for the month; while another is used for our boy and girl book clubs. We have a LEGO club display case too—you can tell how popular it is by the amount of fingerprints on the glass! Sometimes we’ll even use a display case as an I Spy passive program where children can earn a prize by finding hidden items. 

The other display cases are dedicated to books. Each librarian thinks of a theme or topic or genre to tie together their book selections. This can be anything from the Super Bowl to fairies to the works of a visiting author. Anything goes! We then find at least a dozen related books that we think are worth reading to fill up the shelves. Finally, we get snazzy. Using tape, fishing line, wrapping paper, hats, action figures, stuffed animals, die cut letters, tassels, bunting, and anything else we can get our hands on, we try to make our displays look fun and exciting.  

When the display case is filled in and locked up, we write all about it in a post on the Provo Library Children’s Book Review Blog. If you click on the “display” tag on the right side of the site, you’ll see every display case we’ve created over the last few years. 

Most importantly: Please, feel free to ask a librarian if you want to check out a book from a display! We are happy to help you. Tell us what caught your eye and we’ll unlock the case, hand over the book, and find a new one to fill in the empty space. Think of our display cases as a recommendation from us to you: just another way to show how much affection we feel for our patrons.

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