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At this time of year I often start to get wanderlust. The sun is shining and I want to go explore. I want to buy plane tickets and go to places I’ve never been… and not be stuck inside working. I am always a bit more ambitious and excited in the daydreams than in real life. Anyone else feel this way? I think that could be attributed to poor planning ahead. When I finally have a free day, I haven’t planned a thing and so my wandering isn’t happening. I love hiking, but finding the right one last minute can be daunting, so I end up going to the same hikes over and over again.  Here’s where the library can really help! The library has a wealth of information available for the travel-minded, especially for those who love the outdoors. 

From the comfort of your own computer you can discover so much on our website. I’m sure these pages are under appreciated simply because most people don’t know they exist! Some helpful lists and links that can help you discover the surrounding area of Provo found on this page, including information about:

  • Outdoor specialties- water, caves, ponds

  • Hiking and biking trails

  • Bird watching and other wildlife watching

  • Campgrounds

  • Neighboring city parks

  • Scenic drives

  • Rental stores for all outdoor needs

  • Links to helpful resources: national parks, Utah forest service, state parks, fishing guide, hot springs etc 

When I see this list I want to do all the things! But there’s quite a few so I’ll start small. I’m most excited about the various hiking and biking options. Each hike has location, directions, terrain level and pictures to show the beauty of Utah. Some hikes that look particularly good for me to do this summer include:

  • Grotto Falls trail

  • Battle CreekCanyon Falls

  • Dry Canyon trails

  • Fifth water trail- this one leads to hot pots!

  • 5 Senses nature trail 

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Ashlee B. Gilson, Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Photo Contest

Places on the outdoors list that I already love and would recommend to anyone new or old to Provo:

  • Bridal Veil Falls- this is where my family goes for ‘nature walks’. It’s not quite a hike and yet it’s in the canyon and you can be close to the waterfall and go for a quick, very easy walk.

  • Timpanogos Caves- I have fond memories of running this zigzag trail with my cousins as a kid. We’d go to the cave as a family, and the hike up to the cave is quite nice.

  • Deer Creek State Park- This can be a fun place to take a BBQ picnic. Or if you have the option to go boating or paddle boarding, that is really fun too! But beware -  this water is FREEZING! Even in the middle of a hot summer I’d recommend a wetsuit.

  • Provo River and River Trails- These are fun for so many activities. Along the Provo river trail you can run, bike or longboard (be aware you can get going pretty fast at some places so wear a helmet!). The river is also pretty cold even in the middle of summer, but it’s fun to float the river in inner tubes.

  • Utah Lake State Park- around the lake there are a few walkways for a peaceful stroll, and close to the water there are always lots of rocks to throw in or to skip haha! There are also covered picnic tables for your use. This is a great spot if you want an outdoor location to film engagement videos!

  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail- For a long time I have lived close to various parts of this trail. You can quickly leave suburbia and feel like you are in the mountains because the trails snake along the base of them. I’d usually see other joggers but never too many to make it feel crowded. These get really dark at night so be careful! (I’m paranoid a cougar will come get me when I’m alone on a walk/hike)

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Brian Mortenson, Rock Canyon, Provo Photo Contest

 ***If you want to get really ambitious the library has all sorts of maps of national parks complete with trails and topography maps to navigate!! These would be great if you plan to backpack in the Uintas! You can find these maps on the second floor under the call number 912.7925 MAPS UTAH. Come check these out!

What hikes are you looking forward to this summer? Are there any important ones missing from our website? Enjoy this beautiful weather and happy hiking!

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