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Today's a very special day, and you might not even know it! It's International Book Lovers Day! Given that this is one of the happiest days of the year, we've been brainstorming the best ways to celebrate. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Read something, of course!

  2. Read to a child.

  3. Have a child read to you.

  4. Start a book club.

    Book Clubbin

  5. Reserve a book club set for your brand new club. 

  6. Check out a book from the library.

  7. Donate books you no longer want to the library. If we can’t add them to the library collection, we sell them in our book store and all profits go to library programming.

  8. Write a review of a book you love on Amazon. Reader reviews can make a big difference in an author's career.

  9. If you don't already have one, open a Goodreads account to keep track of what you've read and what you want to read.

  10. Follow our children's or teen and adult staff review blogs.

  11. Fill out a personalized reading recommendation form on our website and we'll recommend books just for you!

  12. Make plans to meet an author and get a book signed at one of our many upcoming AuthorLink events.

  13. Skim a review journal like Kirkus, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, or The New York Times Book Review to find your next great read.

  14. If you have kids, add story time to your fall schedule. It starts up again on August 28th!

  15. Sniff a book.You know you want to.
    Rory Gilmore

  16. Have a favorite genre? Check out our adult, teen, and children’s booklists for recommendations.

  17. Visit our Read-alikes page to find authors who are similar to your favorites

  18. Reread a book that always makes you cry. It’s cathartic.

  19. Set up an Overdrive account if you haven’t already! We have hundreds of ebooks and eAudiobooks for you to check out.

  20. Think audiobooks readers are too slow? Listen to audiobooks on Overdrive at whatever pace you’d like – even chipmunk-speed double time.

  21. Download Libby to your smartphone and test it out. Overdrive will be phasing out its old app soon in favor of this new, easier-to-use app.

  22. Don’t feel like you have enough time to read? Try a graphic novel.

  23. Read an award-winning book.
    National Book Award 

  24. Or, read a Goodreads Choice book selected by fellow readers. Make sure to vote for your 2017 favorites at the end of the year!

  25. Cuddle your pet while reading.

    Gloomy Days are the Best
    Image by Cat Versus Human

  26. Ask a librarian for a book recommendation.

  27. Visit a used bookstore like Pioneer Book.

  28. Learn a new skill from a nonfiction book.

  29. Try your hand at writing a book.

  30. Sign up for NaNoWriMo and commit to write an entire novel in November.

  31. Use Novelist to find books you might like.

  32. Does your place of employment have a waiting room? Stock it with books, including picture books for young readers.

  33. Is the library missing a book you’d like to read? Submit a purchase request, and we might just buy it.

  34. Or, see if we can borrow it from another library for you. It's free!
  35. Some books always seeem to be checked out. Place one on hold to make sure you're next in line!

  36. Take a look at our librarians’ favorite children’s, teen, and adult books from last year, and make plans to attend next year’s Best Books program in February

  37. Set aside a specific amount of time each day for reading.

  38. Give a book as a gift.

  39. Learn about our early literacy workshops for children ages 2-3 and their parents/caregivers.
  40. Create a cozy reading spot in your home.

    Reading nook

  41. Try reading a book in a format you don’t usually use – eBooks, digital audiobooks, books on cd, or maybe even a printed book.

  42. Read a book from an unfamiliar genre.

  43. If you’re a teen, sign up for our Teen Volunteer Board. You can help make the library even better!

  44. Did you know the Provo City Libray and the Orem Public Library have a reciprocal agreement where their patrons can use both libraries? Get a library card at the Orem Library if you don’t already have one, and double your library options!

  45. Plan to bring your children to Library Kids for books and literacy-based crafts and activities.

  46. Make sure your kids see you reading for fun. They're more likely to love reading if they know you do.

  47. Register for Parent/Child Book Clubs in September.

  48. Watch a film adaptation of a great book.

  49. Read the book one of your favorite film adaptations is based on.

  50. Sign up for a library tour to learn about the fascinating history of this beautiful building or about how to use the library more effectively. 

    Library at Dusk Summer 019.2

  51. Know a Provo resident who doesn’t have a library card? Encourage them to get one by sharing what you love about the library and how easy it is to set up an account.

  52. Reread your favorite parts of your favorite book.

  53. Finally pick up that classic book you’ve been meaning to read for years.

  54. Have a struggling reader at home? Have them read to a pet.

  55. Or a stuffed animal.

  56. If you have kids age 4 and younger, pledge to read 1000 books with them before kindergarten

  57. Recommend a book to a friend.

  58. Build your home library by buying a book you love.

  59. Volunteer to read to seniors at a retirement home.

  60. Encourage your children to talk about what they’re reading by asking lots of open-ended questions.

  61. Read the books your children love to make these conversations even better.

  62. Gather friends and family for silent reading time.

  63. Set a reading goal for the rest of the year.

  64. Carry a book with you all day.

  65. Become a #bookstagrammer.

    Essays by E.B. WhiteImage by @oliverskywolfoliverskywolf

  66. Upcycle a book into art.

  67. Buy a book for $2 at our used bookstore.

  68. Revisit a childhood favorite.

  69. Visit Buzzfeed to take endless “which book character are you?” quizzes.

  70. Plan a literary-themed Halloween costume.

  71. Start a little free library.

  72. Tuck a friendly note into a book donation for the person who buys it.

  73. Make a new recipe from a cookbook.

  74. Reorganize your bookshelves.

  75. Run out of shelf space? Buy and set up a new bookshelf. You can never have too many.
    Not Enough Bookshelves


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