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If you don’t know what Millennial Pink is, don’t feel bad. As a millennial—and being self-described “basic”—I make sure that I keep up to date on all of the latest trends. And since I love pink, I’m obviously all about this fad.

For the un-initiated, Millennial Pink is that one shade of pink that seems to be popping up everywhere these days – hipster restaurants, indie album covers, food (Starbucks’ pink drink anyone?), crushed velvet ballet flats, etc. It’s that not quite peach, not quite coral, not quite Pepto Bismal hue that you’ve seen all over the place whether you realize it or not. If you google “Millennial Pink” you’ll find dozens of articles trying to over-explain its appeal to youths – and they will confirm one thing: it is in.

Millennial Pink has even crept its ways into publishing houses and libraries – there are a ton of Millennial Pink covered books that have been published recently. I can’t say for sure whether or not you’ll understand young people better by reading a book with a visually appealing cover, but I can say that your Instagram will look a lot better.

Here’s a list of books in our collection – some old, some new – to help you achieve that Millennial ~aesthetic~

8.10 Alex and ElizaALEX & ELIZA: A LOVE STORY
By Melissa De La Cruz






8.10 Dear Fang With LoveDEAR FANG, WITH LOVE
By Rufi Thorpe






8.10 Tell Me How This Ends WellTELL ME HOW THIS ENDS WELL: A NOVEL

David Levinson






8.10 White FurWHITE FUR: A NOVEL
By Jardine Libaire






By Ariel Levy





8.10 Girl In PiecesGIRL IN PIECES
By Kathleen Glasgow






8.10 The Husbands SecretTHE HUSBAND’S SECRET
By Liane Moriarty






8.10 Rebel BelleREBEL BELLE
By Rachel Hawkins






8.10 Broken Hearts Fences and Other Things to MendBROKEN HEARTS, FENCES AND OTHER THINGS TO MEND
By Katie Finn





8.10 The LuxeTHE LUXE
By Anna Godbersen





8.10 PrettyPRETTY
By Justin Sayre






Hopefully these recommendations will make your #bookstagram a little more pink and a little more basic. Be sure to tag the Provo City Library in any of your #booksofinstagram finds!

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