There is probably no summertime activity more iconic than hanging out under the night sky and stargazing. In our Utah desert, you have a great view of the Perseid Meteor Shower in August, as well as general constellations, and maybe even the Milky Way if you are lucky. If you are not up for camping under the stars, check out the BYU Planetarium ( for their Friday night shows. At the library, we have lots of books on astronomy and astrophysics in the 520s. Check out some of the titles from our collection to prepare for your big night out under the stars! 

8.8 Stargazing for DummiesSTARGAZING FOR DUMMIES 
By Steve Owens

This is a great place to start if you know nothing about stargazing or astronomy in general. This guide teaches you how to read star maps, a little of the history of astronomy, and an overview of any equipment you might want.  




8.8 StarfinderSTARFINDER
By Carole Stott

This one is by far my favorite star book in our collection because it has a moveable star map right on the front cover! There are also great photos and illustrations in the first half with more details monthly star maps in the second half. Definitely check this one out just for the novelty! 

Some people prefer to stargaze in the peace and quiet of nature, but I prefer to have a little background music. I like to think of it as part of the soundtrack of my life. If you want some nice instrumental stuff, go to Gustav Holst’s iconic THE PLANETS album. For something more modern, check out anything by Coldplay. Really, I think that most albums by Coldplay have a sort of cosmic, I-feel-connected-to-the-universe vibe, but I may be biased. Definitely listen to A SKY FULL OF STARS, YELLOW, and the SPEED OF SOUND. If you are feeling adventurous, try THE RACE FOR SPACE by Public Service Broadcasting. All of these titles can be found in our catalog by clicking on the links provided.  

No matter how you prepare for your fun night under the stars, be sure to take some flashlights, blankets and pillows, bug spray, and have fun!

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