book swap

 Have you ever looked at your bookshelf and thought, “I wish I could trade some of these for different books?”

Give your neglected books another chance to bring someone happiness!

On Tuesday, July 11th at 7:00 pm we will be having our annual summer Book Swap. We’ve been collecting books all year so that patrons can come and swap their gently used books for something new, as well as swap books with each other!

Just for coming to the event, each person age 10 and up will get to choose one book to take home, even if they didn’t bring anything. If you do bring books to swap, you can bring up to 10. That means you can get up to 11 new (to you) books to take home and keep forever!

So that we can make sure we’re swapping books in decent condition, we will not accept books with mold or mildew, any type of water damage, or with pages falling out. Please bring books in a condition that someone else would like to take home.

Also, since this event is for ages 10 and up, we will only be accepting books that are junior through adult level. We will not accept easy readers, intermediate, or picture books. We also will not accept text books or audio books.

On July 11th, come swap some books, get a small treat, and pick up a secret code for the summer reading program! We’ll see you then!

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