For many years, the Provo City Library has been the venue for BYU’s Books for Young Readers Symposium. This is an amazing event. BYU invites some of the most famous children’s and teen authors and illustrators to speak to conference participants in large combined sessions and smaller breakout classes. They talk about their lives, inspiration and creative processes, and they often have multimedia presentations to accompany their talks. Copies of the presenters’ books are offered for sale, and there are times provided for Q&A and book signings. It is enough to make a children’s librarian do a less-than-dignified fan girl squeal!  The two-day conference is open to any adult for a fee through BYU Continuing Education and this year it will take place on July 13-14. 

To welcome our distinguished guests, the Children’s Department’s librarians create special displays to highlight each author/illustrator. We start putting them in a month before the conference, and several are already in place. Watch for more coming soon. This year’s guests are:

We will be posting about each of these amazing people in upcoming blog posts. Stay Tuned!

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