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Can you have a favorite publisher? I certainly do! DK (Dorling Kindersley) is a British publishing company that specializes in illustrated reference books for adults, teens, and children. They produce (in my humble opinion) the best nonfiction books of any other publisher.

I’ve loved flipping through DK books since I was a little girl. I’d check the library Juvenile nonfiction shelves for a title that piqued my interest. Then after reading the interesting facts and looking at the awesome pictures, I’d turn to the end pages. On the inside front and back cover (of the Eyewitness books specifically) the end pages show the covers of even more DK books. I couldn’t wait to get more from the library!

The Provo City Library has 1,499 books published by DK! DK has a book on nearly every nonfiction subject you could want from travel, cooking, arts and crafts to history, science, gardening and more. Here are just five that I think are absolutely fabulous.

By David Burnie

This is one of those awesome Eyewitness books! This book talks about the predatory behavior of hundreds of animals and how that behavior has changed over time. Using short blocks of text and plenty of pictures you learn the ways these animals stalk, lure, trap, and store their prey as well as how these animals fit into the food chain. As a bonus, this book has a clip art CD-ROM filled with many of the photographs used in this book.


By Ian R. Graham

This book is just what it says it is, all about super cool technology! I had so much fun flipping through this book and telling my co-worker all about the interesting details found in the book. From 3-D printers, and RFID tags in football helmets to an Icehotel in Sweden and self-healing concrete this book is fascinating!

By Maggie Mayhew

While I am far past my teen years, this book is awesome! It begins with basic information on healthy eating, food safety and hygiene, and discusses recipe abbreviations and how to weigh your ingredients. Then each recipe takes you step by step on how to make each delicious dish. The recipes have pictures and illustrations to help the reader visualize the process. From soup to dessert, this book is a winner. I’m excited to try out several of the recipes and techniques featured in this book!

6.23.17.Paper CraftPAPER CRAFT
By Christy Lusiak, editor

Feeling crafty? In its brightly colored pages, this book has 50 projects that transform your favorite paper into gorgeous decorations, cards, flowers and more. No matter your skill level, there is a project perfect for you. With step by step photographic instructions, anyone can make something beautiful using this book.


6.23.17.Big HistoryBIG HISTORY 
By David Christian

Bill Gates is quoted on the cover of this book saying, “BIG HISTORY provides a framework for understanding literally all of history, ever…” That’s a pretty big statement! However, after looking through this massive (439 pages to be exact) book, he’s not wrong. This book follows earth’s history from the creation to the present day discussing geology, biology, physics, anthropology, sociology and more to tell the story of human existence. Covering 13.8 billion years of history is no small feat, but this book has done just that in a visually pleasing and interesting way.

It was so hard for me to choose just five, so be sure to keep an eye out for other great DK books next time you’re in the library.

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