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global road warrior

I would not yet call myself a seasoned traveler. I’ve gone abroad, but never to a non-English speaking country or somewhere with a culture vastly different from my own. 

Next year that is going to change. I’m excited and terrified! I’m going to be confused and love it! I’m going to South Korea and Indonesia! Ahh! So many exclamation points!

As I prepare for this trip, I’m going to be using Global Road Warrior a lot. This is one of my favorite library databases because it provides so much well organized information for over 175 countries. I love recommending it to international travelers to become familiar with the country they are going to visit, and also to students as they learn and report on countries for school.

There are so many informational pages for each country I won’t list them all, but to the right is an example of what you might find. This particular list is for South Korea.

One of my favorite listings is the “Food and Recipes” section. Not just because I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, but because everyone eats, and trying local cuisine is a big part of international travel. Several times I’ve had parents come to the library and tell me that their child is about to live abroad for a couple years, and they’re trying to learn about the country. They appreciate the ability to find some common traditional recipes that they can make at home before the traveler leaves the country.

Other information that is really handy to have includes what types of documentation travelers need (do I need a visa?), common phrases and information about the languages (how to say “hello,” and “I need help”), holidays, points of interest, common methods of transportation, and some basic history about the country.

Whether you’re simply curious about a country, doing a report, preparing to travel, or preparing to discuss an international book at your next book club meeting, Global Road Warrior is a great resource to start your international exploration.

Happy travels!










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