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Every year at the end of the Teen Lock-In, I ask the teens if they’ve had fun and they always respond with a resounding “Yes!” Then I ask them what they’d like us to do next year at the Lock-In. Year after year, the teens have said that they want to hang out in the library without any kids or adults in the building.

Well, it’s finally going to happen! This year, the Teen Lock-In will be on Tuesday, June 20th from 7:00-11:-00 pm. We’ll start the evening in the Ballroom with food, games, crafts, Mario Kart Tournament, book giveaway, and more. 

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After the library closes the teens will get to take over the library! They are welcome to hang out and/or participate in the following activities:

  • Help with the Stuffed Animal Sleepover! This is one of my favorite things we do at the Teen Lock-In each year. It’s fun to be part of the magic and I know that the teens have a lot of fun figuring out what kind of mischief the stuffed animals should get into at the library!
  • Check out library materials—don’t forget to bring your library card!
  • Use the computers on both floors
  • Play Quiplash 
  • Build awesome creations with LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, Keva Planks, Straws and Connectors, and Magna Tiles
  • Play tabletop games

This year we will also be having a drawing for over 20 door prizes. We have fidget spinners, mystery bags, robot pens, and other fun prizes to give away!

Teens ages 12-18 are invited to the Lock-In and need to bring a signed permission slip. Permission slips can be found here or at the 1st Floor Reference Desk. We’re looking forward to another fun Teen Lock-In and hope to see lots of teens on June 20th!

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