Clickbait. It’s the worst, right? Yet I, with all my mental faculties engaged, still find myself drawn in. I’m always sure that #16 will really amaze me (fact: #16 almost never amazes me). 

Still, the idea of playing around with clickbait titles is pretty great. Inspired by others who’ve rewritten classic literature titles as clickbait, our team sat down to give it a whirl. 

Reader beware: this is kind of an addicting game.    

click alice

Have you read this one recently? You really never will guess what she found there, unless "flamingo croquet" is part of your regular imaginary landscape. 

click dante

Maybe you will believe it; it's greed. The fourth circle is greedy people jousting. 

click persuasion

We call this one shock and "awwwww!" 

click hamlet

I am constantly disappointed that law enforcement doesn't try the same weird tricks Hamlet did. It would make Court TV A LOT more interesting. 

What classic titles can you rewrite as clickbait? Delightful suggestions may become a future blog post!

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