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 Did you know that our library has over 14,000 DVDs in our collection? Even if you don’t, I’m sure you do know that you can check out 8 DVDs at a time, including new releases, classics, mind-blowing documentaries, and all of your guilty pleasures. The best part? You can, of course, borrow these DVDs for free!  

With so many different movies in our collection, it isn’t hard to walk in and find something to suit your movie night fancy. But, just like some of our favorite books, there are some movies that seem like they’re ALWAYS CHECKED OUT – even if they aren’t new releases!  

Sometimes the sweetest things in life require a little bit of patience.   So, the next time you stop by the Provo City Library, consider asking your friendly neighborhood librarian to put one of these movies on hold for you (because you know that every copy will be checked out):  

Singin in the RainSINGIN' IN THE RAIN 

The movie that needs no explanation. It’s classic, it’s funny, it’s romantic, and best of all it’ll be stuck in your head for a week. It doesn’t surprise me that we have a hard time keeping this movie on our shelf—It’s worth the wait.





If you are surprised that this movie is always checked out, you probably haven’t seen it. Because even though all the STAR WARS movies are pretty popular, there is something special about the first one.  





I was on hold for this movie when I thought about writing this post. It’s pretty different from the book, but is a classic for a reason—I used to beg to watch this movie every weekend when I was little, and I’m not surprised that it is still in high demand.  




Shes the ManShe’s the Man 

This adaptation of W. Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT is much funnier than you might think. It’s insanely quotable, laugh-out-loud funny, and will be even more enjoyable once you finally get to check it out.  




If you’ve never put an item on hold before, ask a librarian to help explain the process. It’s pretty convenient, and I think it is so rewarding when you finally get to check out a movie or book you have been waiting for. (I won’t compare it to Christmas morning… but if you think that comparison is apt then I wouldn’t disagree.)


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