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One of the most frequent questions we’ve had at the Children’s desk the past couple of weeks is “What do I do with my kids during May without story time?”  We love that our programs have become such a regular part of your lives each week, and rest assured, we won’t let you down.  We’re here for you!  It’s true that we don’t have our regularly-scheduled story times and after school programs during May, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not hard at work.  Our storytellers will be visiting the district elementary schools to get your big kids excited about our upcoming summer reading program, and the librarians are frantically prepping all of the summer programming.  BUT we’ll still have lots going on in our department, so make sure you pay us a visit!

  • Do a passive program:  Each week we’ll have something different, including an I Spy in one of the display cases, a shredded book in a jar, an “Argonautika”-themed guessing jar, and a mythological scavenger hunt.  Put your kids’ problem-solving brains to work, and they can win prizes!
  • Attend Little Artists in The Attic:  In conjunction with our Homegrown Art Show exhibit, come participate in an art and story activity with your kids ages 4-6.  Get more information and register here.  
  • Drop in for Preschool Play:  Research has shown that imaginative play is the best and most important way your children learn.  We’ve gathered quite a collection of really fun developmental toys (yep, even a kid-sized puppet theater!), so come drop by for some playtime with your kids.  See our schedule on the Kids’ Calendar.  
  • Participate in the Reading Without Walls Challenge:  Help break down your kids’ reading walls in just ONE of the following three ways, and come tell us at the Children’s desk anytime during the month of May.  We’ll give them a certificate and a prize!  Read a book:  1) about a character who doesn’t look or live like you; 2) about a topic you don’t know much about; or 3) in a format that you don’t normally read for fun.
  • Check out our kid-friendly websites:  Have a day where you really just want to stay home?  Did that blustery wind and rain sneak back into our spring weather again?  Spend some quality (yes, quality) digital time with your kiddos.  We have a page of great websites that are safe and appropriate for family fun.  Whether you’re looking for awesome games, fun facts, learning sites, or early literacy support, we’ve got a link for you!

So don’t despair--May will fly by with lots of library fun, and Summer Reading Kickoff will be here before you know it (June 3rd, to be exact!).  Don’t let us get lonely in the Children’s Department…come see us at the library!

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