Can we say it enough? Overdrive is awesome! So here’s another shameless plug.

Even though I use Overdrive almost daily, I’ll be the first to admit that the process of signing into the app and actually downloading titles isn’t the most user-friendly. But don’t give up! Overdrive provides a platform for ebooks and audiobooks, complimenting and expanding the library’s physical collection.  

Here’s a beginner’s guide to using this great library resource:

Overdrive Logo1- Download the Overdrive app onto your favorite device.

Overdrive can be accessed on a desktop computer, but the easiest way is to download the app onto a phone or tablet.




Overdrive 22- Sign into the app using the “SIGN IN” option.

Your account was created when you signed up for a library card since the state of Utah has paid for the use of Overdrive for all Utah library card holders. The Provo library uses some of its budget to make additional items available to Provo City Library patrons. 

You will be asked to sign in with your library card number and PIN.





Overdrive 3.33 - Sign into Utah's Online Library.

Once you’ve selected your library and signed into the app, you will be asked to use the same information to sign into Utah’s Online Library. This is the database Overdrive draws from.  







Overdrive 44 – Find your bookshelf.

After all that signing in, you can tap on the 3-line menu icon in the upper left corner and go to your bookshelf. It will be empty and waiting.  

If you choose “Add a title,” you will be taken back to Utah’s Online Library to search for materials.  

When items have been downloaded, they will conveniently appear on this Bookshelf page. 





Overdrive 55 – Search for something amazing.

The easiest way to find something on Utah’s Online Library is to type the title directly into the search box.  

If you are just browsing, you can search collections by tapping the menu icon in the upper right corner.  

If your search brings up too many possibilities, you can filter results. My favorite way to narrow down results is to filter by type, ebook or audiobook, and then by availability.  

Tap interesting titles to see a summary, or to read/hear a sample. 



Overdrive 66- Check something out.

Just like a physical book checked out from the library, materials available through Overdrive usually have a limited number of copies.  

If a title is available, you can choose “borrow,” and the screen will send you to the Loans page where the item can be downloaded to the app for reading or listening.  

If a title is unavailable, you can choose “place a hold,” and will be directed to the Holds page. When a book becomes available that you have put on hold, it will be automatically checked out to you.  

One of the great things about overdrive is you never have to worry about late fees. When the lending period has expired, the ebook or audiobook is automatically returned.  

*NOTE: you can have 10 items checked-out and 5 on hold at any one time

Now you can use this amazing resource! Please come visit the library with further questions or to get great recommendations. Remember that the library’s online catalog will list if an item you're searching for is available on Overdrive. 

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