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Most of us know the joy of being part of a book club – great conversation, tasty treats, and the opportunity to read outside of our typical (book) “box.”

But have you thought about passing that happiness along to your kids? Here at the library, we have parent/child book clubs during the school year for kids ages 9-12, and boy, do we ever have a grand old time! If you’ve never joined us before, give it a whirl. Registration begins on the 1st of each month.

But maybe your budding readers would enjoy starting their very own book club! Did you know that, in addition to our book club sets for adults, we also have book club sets for kids? Whether they enjoy something funny, fantastical, or adventurous, we’ve got a set just for them. Just check the reservation calendar for an available set, submit your request, and then pick up the full set of 15 books from the First FloorReference Desk. The books, along with a helpful book club guide, will be snug as a bug in a handy canvas bag, ready to go. The whole set will be yours to share with your group for six weeks!

Involving your kids in a book club is fun; children often enjoy being able to discuss what they’ve read with their friends and why they love (or hate!) a certain story or character. However, there’s also a lot of value in this process. According to PBSparents, discussions at kids’ book clubs help children “develop a deeper understanding of books, consider others’ perspectives on the same book and practice analyzing” the books they read.

So give it a try! Come join us for one of our book clubs, start your own, or discuss a book that you’ve read together as a family. You may just be surprised by the profound little thoughts that are shared!

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