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“I’m looking for a book.”

I’ve heard it hundreds of times, and my first thought is always, “Great! You’ve come to the right place.” Generally, this statement is followed by the title of a specific book. In addition to looking up specific titles for our patrons, we get many other questions about books. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions our librarians get asked on a near daily basis.

Can you suggest a good book for me to read?

This is a fundamental library service. There’s even an official term for it called Readers’ Advisory which involves asking questions about the types of books the reader has enjoyed in the past and listening for certain characteristics described by the reader. This can be quite a daunting task because our librarians really, really want to make sure they recommend books readers will love. Fortunately, beyond our personal reading expertise, we also have several resources available to help us find that next great book to read.

Library Booklists
Our booklists suggest books grouped by genre, theme, reading level, time period, award winners, etc.

Librarian Review Blogs:
Teen & Adult Book reviews
Children’s Book Reviews 
These blogs feature reviews of what our librarians are reading and will be tagged if it’s a staff pick, an audio pick, or a clean read.

Author Read-Alikes
This resource can help you find a book based on an author that you already know and love. We add new authors a few times a year.

Personalized Reading Recommendation Service 
Fill out the online questionnaire telling us a few things about the books you like to read and one of our librarians will tailor a list of books just for you!

NoveList Plus 
The librarian’s secret weapon. NoveList is an extensive database of fiction and nonfiction for adults, teens, and children offering reviews of books, multiple ways to search for books, read-alike suggestions by author, title, and genre, information about book awards, discussion guides for book clubs, book talks, and feature articles. It’s kind of awesome!

How can I find a book I read years ago?

Remember the cover but not the title? Maybe you remember a few details, but you’ve tried searching online with no luck. Librarians to the rescue!

First, librarians have vast amounts of experience searching for books. Even if we use the exact words you've tried searching for, we know what to look for. We may ask to get back to you, but 99% of the time, we’re going to find that book for you.

Second, as someone describes the book out loud, they often remember more details. Just talking about the book with a librarian has helped people find books they were looking for.

You also might like to know that NoveList Plus allows you to describe a book in the search box. Then a list of results with the same keywords is returned.

What’s the next book in this series?

Is it so hard for authors and publishers to list this information? Yes, apparently it is. Fortunately, your librarians have put a lot of effort into tracking this information for you. We have put together a great resource that lists all book series owned by the library.

The Book Series Order section of our website can be found by browsing under “Books & Media” in the drop-down menu at the top of every page. Once there, you can browse a list of authors organized alphabetically, or you can search for a specific series by typing in the author or title of the series or a title of a book in the series.

Do you have eBooks?

Yes, we do! Provo City Library provides immediate access to thousands of best-selling eBooks and audiobooks. Free access is provided for all Provo City Library card holders in good standing.

OverDrive (eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and some videos)
OneClickdigital (audiobooks and some eBooks)
Learning Express Library (eBook study manuals)
World Book (educational eBooks mostly for children)

Can I suggest a book be purchased by the Library?

Yes, please! We value suggestions from our patrons. You can suggest a book be purchased by filling out the Purchase Suggestion Form. Please read through the instructions to ensure we can best serve your needs. Once you have made a suggestion a librarian will assess the request and let you know if we decide to acquire the item or not.

Do you have any books for sale?

Yes! The Used Book Store is located across from the Circulation Help Desk. Everything sells for $1.00-2.00. There are also great sales each month. The third week of each month, everything is 50% off and the last week you can fill a bag for $5.00.

We also hold periodic book sales in our Ballroom. Our next big book sale will be Saturday, June 3rd.

Have other book related questions or really any questions at all? Feel free to call, 801-852- 6661, come into the library, or click on the “Ask a Librarian” tab on the right side of the screen! We would be happy to answer your questions.

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