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Last month, I found myself riding in an elevator with someone delivering an exhibit to the library. While there, he remarked, “Man! I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot inside a library!” Our conversation proceeded in the way you might imagine: 

“Well you should visit more often! Libraries are awesome!”

“Yeah, well, I mostly just listen to audiobooks.”  

“You know you can check out audiobooks from the library, right?”  

“Sure, but I just like to listen on my phone.”  

“Well if you download the Overdrive App, you can get them on your phone.”  

“Yeah, I just use Audible.”  

“But you have to pay for that.”  

“No, I just do their free listens. They’re not always great, but they’re free.”  

At this point, I’m trying not to be a little exasperated, “But you could get great stuff for free!”  

“Well, I mostly play Candy Crush.”  

I can’t tell you how often I’ve had this conversation. Too often. Or how many times I tell someone the kinds of things I do for work and they say, “Wait, the library does that?!? That sounds amazing!” I’ve started to consider myself a kind of missionary for the library, just trying to help people see that the library is here for them. 

The library is here for you. It’s not just here for kids; it’s not just filled with books (though it is for kids, and we have lots of books!). It’s here for you, and it’s filled literally and figuratively with tools for you to succeed and enjoy your life. 

Sometimes even our faithful patrons don’t realize all the amazing things the library can do for them.  Please indulge me for a moment as I wax passionate about some things happening in the library that I think you really shouldn’t be missing. Maybe you’ve heard us talk about them before; maybe this is the first time. Either way, if I ever meet you in an elevator and we decide to talk instead of awkwardly avoiding eye contact, here are the things I’ll tell you not to miss: 


As a former film student and a dabbler in design, animation, photography, and filmmaking, I’m not sure if I can adequately express just how awesome this is. is hands-down the best collection of online tutorials to learn just about anything you can do on a computer. I’m the daughter of a do-it-yourself master, and sometimes I like to think that I can teach myself to do anything. Then I sit down with a class and realize that in just 15 minutes I’ve learned more about the basic functions of Adobe Illustrator than I’ve learned in over a year of unfocused tinkering. Lynda taught me simple ways to do things that I thought were really complicated in the Adobe Suite of programs. It can do the same for you. Don’t be stubborn like me; let Lynda help.  

I plan to use to up my photography game in the next year. What will you learn with Lynda?  

(Still not convinced? Here's some more information about why is amazing! Prefer to be convinced through numbers? We've got those too.)


The Attic is the hidden gem of the Library, a sleek, modern exhibit space housed in the attic of our gorgeous historical building. Accessible only by elevator, The Attic hosts traveling exhibits from all around the country. A visit to the Attic is a great family or date night activity, and we do our best to provide interesting supplemental activities for each exhibit. You can check our website to see what exhibit is up right now.  


It may shock you to learn this, but working at a library doesn’t magically cure my lifelong inability to remember when my library books are due. Thankfully, I’ve set up text notifications that tell me when I have books that will be due. Even better? I can text back a response to renew my books (as long as they’re not on hold for someone else). I wish I could say that I always remember to bring my books back on time, but with this I at least remember to renew them so they’re not quite so overdue.  


Do you like free music, dance, and theatre performances? What about magic? Or professional storytelling? (If not, I have a follow up question: Are you a zombie?) Our Monday Night @ the Library performance series features local musicians, dance groups, theatre for young audiences, and more the first and third Monday of every month from September–May. Performances begin at 7 pm and are always free.  

In addition to our performance series, our Children’s Department also hosts Make and Take Crafts on the second and fourth Mondays each month from September–April. Again, it’s all free.  

So come to the library! Utilize our online resources! Realize that the library is here for you, and we’re here to make your life better. 

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