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If you like snow in Provo, you’re in luck! It’s everywhere! If you prefer to stay warm inside instead of venturing into our winter wonderland, here are some of my favorite indoor winter activities.


We’re a library, we gotta recommend reading! If you aren’t sure of what you’d like to read, the library maintains three rotating displays in addition to the ones for new materials. They are located in front of the 1st and 2nd floor reference desks as well as in the south east corner for YA materials. If you don’t see anything that jumps out at you there, come to the reference desk, we would love to recommend something just for you!


If you don’t have your own (or are just sick of always playing host), come to the library on Friday nights; from 5 to 9 we have a host of games to choose from and plenty of tables to use.


In our nonfiction sections, we have a myriad of hobby, art, and skill manuals geared for all ages. Try looking in call number 741 for drawing tips or 736 for sculpting. 787 has music and instructions for playing the guitar, and general hobby texts start at 790.


This one requires some friends and know-how, but if you’ve got dice and paper you can make it work! While it’s most famous for DnD, there are a ton of systems and game styles out there. Roleplaying at its core is just collaborative storytelling.  If you aren’t sure of where to begin, our teen librarians are hosting an introduction to roleplaying activity on January 17th, and we’d love to see you there!

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