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I listen to a lot of music. I always have. I grew up listening to music on road trips with my family, I listen to music when I am with friends, and I almost always listen to music when I am alone. Even though I am not really musical, I love music and I love listening to music because I love the lyrics. I love to sing along with songs even when I don’t know them very well. The lyrics are the best part of a song for me, and I often feel like if people would only read songs and not hear them they would still like them just as much – maybe more.

One trend in picture books that I really like are books that do just that – illustrated song lyrics, just for reading. These can be a good way to introduce kids to classic songs, and a good way to really appreciate some of your favorites. There are dozens in our picture book section but here are some favorites.

forever youngFOREVER YOUNG
by Bob Dylan
illustrated by Paul Rogers



what a wonderful worldWHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD
by  Bob Thiele & George David Weiss (Most famous as a Louis Armstrong song)
illustrated by Tim Hopgood


coat of many colorsCOAT OF MANY COLORS
by Dolly Parton
illustrated by Brooke Boynton-Hughes



octopuss gardenOCTOPUS’S GARDEN
by Ringo Starr (Most famous as The Beatles song)
illustrated by Ben Cort




Plus, you can always use Freegal to listen to and download any of the new songs you discover for yourself!

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