All true Gilmore Girls fans can relate to my excitement about two things – the Netflix revival series responsible for bringing our girls back to the screen, and the feeling every time I can cross another book off of 339 books either read or referenced during the original series. In celebration of the revival, and the twenty-one books added to the list in the new four-part series, here are five of my personal favorite Rory-books.  

by David Sedaris

 It is pretty unsurprising to me to find this book on a Gilmore girls reading list – because the Gilmores and David Sedaris have one very important thing in common, they are very funny and far cleverer than I can ever hope to be. For those of you who watch Gilmore girls for the humor, I’m including this one.


by Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey is by far my favorite Jane Austen novel and I’m glad to see that Rory took the time to read it as well. This is Austen’s most obviously satirical novel, and I think that Rory and Lorelai would definitely appreciate Austen’s cynical humor and her references to popular novels of her day. Plus, like many books on Rory’s list this one features a strong female character.

by Emily Bronte

Maybe Rory read too much into the love story between Catherine and Heathcliff and so her own relationships seemed less dysfunctional as a result. Or maybe, like so many other books on her list, she read it because it features a strong (if unlikable) female character. I’m including it because I think it is cool and atmospheric – even if the characters are pretty unlikable.  

Fahrenheit 451FAHRENHEIT 451
by Ray Bradbury

This is novel is another classic that seems right at home on Rory’s list. Lovers of books love this story, set in a dystopian world where firemen start fires to burn books and book lovers are exiled. I’m including this because I am a proud book-nerd and think others should be as well.  


charlottes webCHARLOTTE'S WEB
by E.B. White

I’m including this book for two reasons. First, Wilbur and Charlotte share one of the greatest friendships in literature and Gilmore girls is about nothing if not friendship. Second, to prove wrong the impression that in order to be “well-read” like Rory Gilmore you can only read classic, sophisticated, adult books and definitely not books written for children.  

BONUS: recently the internet has compiled a list of all the movies referenced in the series as well. Those of you who identify more closely with Lorelai than Rory, or who have somehow already finished Rory’s booklist can get started on this one.      

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