1. We know where the Dinosaurs are off hand and on command…it’s 567 if you’re wondering.

2. We look at the titles you are checking out… because if we see it twice it means it was good!

3. We’ve seen every condition a book can come back in… from sodden to crispy.

4. We make and keep booklists for a wide array of topics and genres.

5. Taken together, our librarians read two books a day. Our individual average is 6 books a month.

6. We’re constantly updating our collections; we add a sorting cart full of books almost every week!

7. We love having downloadable audiobooks; it’s the only way some of us have time to read!

8. We often recommend books from unfamiliar genres; some us keep lists of bestsellers and friends’ recommendations so that we can know what to suggest.

9. We love people doing scavenger hunts here; just remember to be quiet on the second floor!

10. We love suggestions for books and activities.

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