Free Library Date Ideas


The best kind of date is a free date. Luckily, 99.99% of everything in a library is free. The best part is that no matter what happens on your date, you won’t have to leave empty handed.

1. Movie Night

Every so often we put up a fun, family-friendly movie on the big screen so you can make sure your future significant other isn’t too good for the classics.

Those big screen movies don’t even cover the movies we have available to check out or stream where the choosing up to you! (Pro-tip for choosing movies: Nobody actually likes Citizen Kane.) Plus a varied selection of foreign films

2. Learn It

Is there anything more attractive than watching someone learn something new? As librarians, we submit that there is not. And the library is the perfect place to learn something new, with classes like beekeeping, crafts, yoga, and writing, plus books that introduce fun recipes and cool hobbies.

You name it—you learn it.

3. Take a gallery stroll

The age old dilemma:  You need to convince your date that you’re super cultured, we get it.

Impress your date with deep, poignant questions, in our not one but two gallery spaces. In the Anderson Gallery you'll find the best of local art; in The Attic you'll find well nationally traveling science, history and art exhibits.

These free exhibits change out after a few months so you can come back and impress your date over and over.

4. Find the perfect book

An incredibly wise scholar once said that finding a person who likes a good book is like that book is recommending that person to you.

With booklists and librarians, the library is the perfect place to figure out whether or not you’re compatible. Is your intended more ULYSESS or HARRY POTTER?  PARADISE LOST or PRIDE AND PREJUDICE? The possibilities are endless.

5. Meet your favorite Author

Trying to woo a book nerd? Here’s how. Talk about their favorite book and then invite them to meet the author at an AuthorLink Event

Internationally renowned authors visit the Provo Library all the time, your date’s favorite is sure to be among them. Hear about their inspiration and the process of creating your date’s favorite book, and sometimes there’s even food.

Bonus points: Surprise your intended with a signed copy of their favorite book. (Advisory Note: this action can result in high amounts of squealing and several marriage proposals.)

6. Game Night

On Friday nights we bring out our board games. We have classics like Monopoly (capitalism never seemed more romantic) and Sorry! (A word you need to start practicing if you want this relationship to go anywhere).

If you’re feeling a bit more active, play our interactive Who Dunnit Murder Mystery Game and solve a Clue-style murder inside the library.

The only end to our activities is the city mandated curfew!


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