A few things our children’s librarians are grateful for:

  • Stickers
  • Brightly-colored cardstock
  • Oriental Trading Company
  • Puns
  • Secret stashes of candy
  • Tech guys
  • The circulation staff
  • Cheesy puppets
  • and books!  

Each of our children’s librarians shared one book that they are grateful for:  

Andrea is grateful for THE PAIN AND THE GREAT ONE by Judy Blume. As a kid, it taught her compassion for differing perspectives and helped her understand her siblings better.

Jackson is grateful for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee. This book taught him that although bad things happen and some people will do terrible things, there are people who are just plain good through and through, people who will stand up for what’s right. Atticus is one of his heroes.

Claire is grateful for I SPY Books by Jean Marzollo because they keep the 3-yr-old she babysits busy for hours.

Joella is grateful for the Grimms’ collection of fairytales because they helped her understand that there is magic in reading. She’s a reader because of fairytales.

Kelly is grateful for THE HIDING PLACE by Corrie Ten Boom. She read it as a teenager, and it is one of the books that has impacted her the most. It gives her perspective and helps her be grateful for her life, including her trials.

Jen is grateful for CHARLOTTE'S WEB by E. B. White because it was the first chapter book she remember reading, and it reminds her to be kind when she squishes spiders.

Caroline is grateful for THE MAGIC TREEHOUSE by Mary Pope Osborne. It was one of the very first chapter books she read in first grade, and she loved the story so much that she didn't stop reading the entire afternoon until she had finished it—she had to know how it ended! The next day she went to her school library and checked out the following three books in the series. That was when she really started to love reading by herself.

Bethany is grateful for FORGIVE ME, I MEANT TO DO IT by Gail Carson Levine because the sarcastic wit speaks to her soul.

Donna is grateful for THE EMPTY POT by Demi. This book taught her that what may seem to be failure in the eyes of the world, may really be a success in God’s eyes.

Jeanne is grateful for THE BOXCAR CHILDREN by Gertrude Chandler Warner. This is the first book she remembers loving. It pulled her into the story and opened up the world of reading.

This post is dedicated to Jeanne who only got to work with us for a short time but made an awesome librarian. We’re grateful for her!

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