I have really big trees in my backyard, which is great in the summer time because they create shade and make it enjoyable to be outside. Unfortunately, I hate these trees during the fall because of the millions of leaves that drop all over our yard. And even when I get them cleaned up, the wind tries to blow them around again. This past week as I was raking up the leaves I got to thinking about rakes and how many fun romance titles I buy that have the word “rake” in them. Whenever I hear these titles, I picture the actual rake that I use to clean up leaves and it makes me laugh. After looking over these titles, I bet you’ll never look at a rake the same way again.

Here are 10 of the funniest titles about Rakes--those addicting tales about charming bad boys changed by the power of our heroine's love--that we own in our Romance collection at the Provo City Library:

Whatever your taste in Rakes--rougish womanizer or handy garden tool--I hope you find the perfect one to keep you company this fall. 

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