We have had an incredible fall! Teen Book Fest has been sooo fun with author visits from Jennifer Nielsen, J. Scott Savage, Matthew Kirby, Jennifer Jenkins, Margaret Stohl, Aprilynne Pike, and (tomorrow) Marissa Meyer. The last stop on our Teen Book Fest Tour is the Wrap Party on Saturday, November 12th.

This teen only event will feature a book giveaway and activities starting at 6:00 pm. Each teen will go home with a brand new book of their choosing! Then at 7:00 we will be treated to an after-hours concert by the band Festive People.

Check out their music video “Where We Are Today” to get an idea of the awesomeness we’ll experience on Saturday! 

Wondering what you've missed? Below you'll find our recap from a recent Teen Book Fest Tour stop with YA author Aprilynne Pike. 


Aprilynne Pike, author of the Wings series, spoke at Provo Library on Thursday, Oct. 27 about her latest novel, GLITTER, a few of the hurdles she overcame to write it and what she hopes readers will learn. 


GLITTER is described as Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette in a near-future world where the residents of Versailles live like it’s the eighteenth century and the almost-queen, Danica, a desperate teenage girl, turns to drug dealing to save her life. 

Aprilynne describes how her inspiration for the book started while she was watching Breaking Bad and felt slightly dissatisfied with the direction of the story. 

“In the way that every author with a little bit of an ego does, I started thinking about how I could do it better,” says Aprilynne. “But I wouldn’t want to write Breaking Bad; I wanted to write a book about a girl with pretty dresses.”

Thus began her story of a drug dealer and dresses infused with futuristic technology and smothered in decadent fashions from the Era of the Sun King. However, as she tried to sell her story, agents were concerned that her exotic, lavish setting was overpowering her plot. But guidance from one agent help solidify her story. 

“You need to make your plot and your setting so intertwined that your story could not happen anywhere else except your really, really weird setting,” said the agent. ‘If you do that, we’ll buy your really, really weird setting.” 

With this advice, Aprilynne set about grounding and making sense of the desperate choices made by her protagonist within the world she had created. In the “really, really weird setting” the protagonist, Danica and her bad choices became more defined. 


Although Pike considers herself to be a “squeaky clean writer,” GLITTER is about a bad person. While bad characters may be fun and the audience may root for Danica as the protagonist, as an anti-heroine we know she is not admirable.

“We don’t necessarily read books because there’s someone we want to be like, but simply because there’s a story,” says Aprilynne. “There are choices you get to think about with the protagonist, and you see consequences both good and bad that these characters are making.” 

Writing about the bad choices made by an anti-heroine allows GLITTER to explore the purpose and moral behind the story of a girl selling drugs. Aprilynne hopes that by the end of the story, readers will learn not that selling drugs is a good choice but that you cannot put your toe into a bad world and expect it not to infect the rest of your life. 

“It’s like putting your toe into a pond of black ink and think that you can still walk around in a white room and no one will know,” says Aprilynne. 

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