As we slip into winter, one of Aesop’s fables comes to my mind. All summer, the ant worked hard and collected food to create a reserve of food for winter. However, the grasshopper spent his summer singing and playing. When winter arrives and food is scarce the grasshopper is starving while the ant has plenty to eat. The lesson here is to make sure you prepare for winter (or what winter represents to you).

Now the library cannot help you collect food for the winter. But we can help you get your winter reserve of books! When it gets cold and snowy, curling up with a stack of good books, whether alone or with friends and family, just comes naturally. There is something about heaters, fireplaces, hot chocolate, blankets, and the calming quiet of a fresh coat of snow that just makes us want to read.

The type of book differs for everyone. Some want to read beautifully illustrated picture books. Others want to curl up and read some poetry or a classic novel. Still others want a good winter mystery. For me and my family, the cold weather invites Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, The Polar Express, and something with Harry Potter in it. Whatever type of book you need for the winter, we’ve got it.

Don’t be the grasshopper! Don’t wait until it’s dark and cold outside to decide you need books. Start collecting books now! Come to the library and collect many great books for you and your family so that when the cold fully hits, you are prepared to feed your need for reading. 

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