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The mountains are bursting with color, blustery winds are blowing, and caramel apples and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies have made their long-awaited reappearance!  The arrival of fall is one of my favorite times of year, and you might have noticed one of the reasons right here in the Children’s Department – pumpkins!

At the beginning of each October, we make the trek into the nether regions of our 4th floor attic storage (which is a little spookier than normal during this time of year), and pull down our many dusty boxes of artificial pumpkins.  For years now, the Children’s librarians have had the opportunity to creatively honor some of our favorite books and characters through these imitation jack-o-lanterns.  Deciding who we’ll pumpkinize each year is always a fun challenge, and it’s almost like Christmas as we open the boxes and bring out our past crafty renditions of our favorite friends.  Inevitably, as the pumpkins are unpacked, dusted off, and placed in their spot of honor for the month, memories of the library staff who created them fill my mind.  Some are still here at the library, some are here but in different departments, and some have moved on to other life adventures.  Regardless of their current whereabouts, it brings me a little bit of joy to think of these co-workers who have become friends over time and through the years of our library adventures.  We sure do get fun ones over here!  

Here are some of my favorite pumpkins.  Come to the Children’s Department to pick out YOUR favorites.  Are there any characters you’d like to see in our collection next year?  Let us know!

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