It’s back to school time and to help you get into the mindset here are some classic 80s films that will help you get there. From the funny to the tearjerker, from inspirational to romance, school never had it so good as when the 80s brought it to the screen.


dir. John Hughes

 “Bueller? Bueller?” The most popular kid in high school calls in sick and drags his best friend and girlfriend on an adventure through Chicago all the while the principle tries to catch him on the act. The essential film for teaching any kid how to fake being sick to their parents (not that we are encouraging that or anything).



dir. Howard Deutsch

Classic Romeo & Juliet story but with a good soundtrack, awesome 80s fashion, and no one dies! Plus everyone needs a best friend like Duckie to remind them how awesome they are.



dir. Peter Weir

“O Captain, my Captain.” Anyone who has seen the film will want to automatically jump on their desk with just those few words in tribute to English teacher John Keating, who teaches his students about life through poetry even to the chagrin of the stuffy leadership. One of Williams’s best films (you might want a hankie if you are a crier), and a very young Ethan Hawke makes this a film you don't want to miss.


dir. Ramon Menendez

Inspired by the true story of Jaime Escalante, a high school math teacher in inner city L.A., who helped his failing students achieve academic success. This is a great film to inspire students and teachers alike to not let other people dictate what their potential is. Plus, who can forget Lou Diamond Phillips wearing the stylish 80s hairnet!



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