Every summer, everyone seems to go out of town on vacation all at once, leaving you to your own devices. Here are some things you can do while your friends are gone so you can have a story to trade for their exploits.

This is a new database that we just acquired; it’s built around five or ten minute video tutorials that teach software, technology, creative, and business skills. It’s great for picking up new hobbies and self-improvement.

Learn something amazing!

Guitar/piano/recorder etc.… books to learn to play

You can learn how to play guitar pretty easily just practicing a couple minutes here and there. Other instruments take a little bit more work, but if you’re not trying for concert level, you can pick up enough to play your favorite songs. Check out the 787 call numbers to learn the basics and 781 to learn the classics and the new, or ask a librarian for help.

Local hikes

People from all over the world come to Provo and the areas around it for the hiking available in your own backyard!

Take a hike!

Build your own kayak and use it free at Utah Lake

Nothing is cooler than boating in a boat you built yourself. Make sure you don't sink by following these handy instructions.

If that sounds like too much work, swimming at Utah Lake is also free! Go to the lake!

Friday night Magic the Gathering games at Dragon’s Keep

There are free activities hosted by stores and clubs around Provo; check them out to meet new people and learn new hobbies. Call your favorite stores or check online to see what activity is being hosted!

Make your own cosplay outfit for comic con (or save it for Halloween)

Comic Con is coming up in early September, and there are whole host of other conventions in area this summer; be one of the cool kids and dress the part

Summer reading activities at the Library

We have a host of things to do right here at the library! Come to our events and earn points and prizes for participating in the Summer Reading Program! 

Local Museums 

What hidden treasures lay undiscovered in Utah Valley? Find out!

Pick-up games at Kiwanis Park

A lot of people hang out at Kiwanis and play soccer with whoever is there; you can set up a Facebook group with people you know so you can check who can show up on any given day.

Get book recommendations from our librarians

Our librarians are full of recommendations? Come up and talk to us at the desk to find your new favorite book. Feeling introverted? Fill out a personalized reading recommendation and we'll email you back a response. Don't trust us? Trust an algorithm

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