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Last week we held our annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover; your furry companions spent the night, and didn't get into too much trouble (though some of them got in a little trouble...). Here are some highlights from the event; you can see all stuffed animals' adventures over on our Facebook page! 

leopard t rex

Looking for some advice on hunting, Kitty visits the best place: the Library! 


Harry potter

The animals are as crazy for Harry Potter as we are! 



"Hey, Tiger! Stop playing Angry Birds and look up 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'!" 


frog phone

We apologize if you had a real question that didn't get answered on Thursday night; we had a frog caught in our phone.



"Psst! Let me show you where the art books are! You're not quite finished!" 


Friends read

Books are best when shared with buddies.


Thanks for sharing your buddies with us, and we'll see you next year for another Stuffed Animal Sleepover!

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