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If you are looking for some new YA fiction to read this summer, look no further! Whether you are a fan of historical, contemporary, or fantasy, any of these titles are sure to appeal. Best of all, each has been garnering rave reviews from critics and readers alike. As for me, I will be reading all three books as soon as I can get my hands on them.

For the perfect beachy yet substantive contemporary read, try TELL ME THREE THINGS by Juile Buxbaum.

After gaining a stepmother and moving cross-country, Jessie is feeling lost. During her first week in Los Angeles, she receives an email from Somebody/Nobody (SN) offering help for surviving her new prep school. After coming to rely on SN, she wants to meet. But will reality live up to her idea of SN?

If you are in the mood for entertaining historical fiction with a revisionist twist, get your hands on a copy of MY LADY JANE by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.

Part comedy, part fantasy, and part romance, MY LADY JANE is not what you would expect from a Lady Jane retelling. Jane does become engaged to a stranger in his conspiracy to dethrone her cousin, but this Jane doesn’t have to worry about that, because sometimes history itself needs a little retelling.

If fantasy is more your thing, Victoria Schwab has a new urban fantasy called THIS SAVAGE SONG coming out on July 5, which is supposed to be fantastic.

In a divided city at war with monsters, Kate wants to be like her father, who is paid to police the street. Like his father, August wants to be merciful and protect the innocent in a larger role, except for one problem - he is one of the monsters. When Kate discovers his secret the two are forced to flee the city or die.

And on that ominous note, happy reading!

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