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True confessions of Carla: I’ve worked here a long time.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like that long. 

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However, while researching for this blog post I started gathering summer reading program logos and I noticed that there are a lot of them.  That is evidence that I’m very old!


I was hired in the spring of 1999 and I believe it was my second summer on the job that I was asked to create a reading program for teens and adults.  Our children’s summer reading program was, as it is now, amazing and already had thousands of children signing up each year.  They had bright t-shirts and marched in the Freedom Festival Children’s Parade. That first year, my program was much smaller and I believe I had about 80 participants.  I felt really good about that.

2008 2010

Fast-forward fifteen years to 2016 when we had over 700 adults and teens sign up this past weekend at our program kick-off!  Wow!  We have grown.  The program has changed over the years as well.   But, we still require three books be read to complete the program and we still have awesome prizes and I hope it continues for many years.

2011 2013

This year, our theme is “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read” which we hope encourages residents to not only read, but get active and enjoy these beautiful summer months.  Past themes have included mysteries, romances, adventures at sea, technology, time travel, and food.  So much work goes into these programs and we are excited to sign people up, give away prizes, and encourage reading at all ages all summer long!

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