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I get paid to play games for two hours every week. Being a librarian is the best! In all honesty, working with teens is one of the best parts of my job, and being in charge of the Teen Minecraft Club is always the highlight of my week. The teens that come are enthusiastic, hilarious, and incredibly clever (sometimes too smart for their own good). I love both the regulars that come every week, and the newbies that come and start playing for the first time. Everyone brings a unique perspective and building style to our world. From pixel art to trading posts, taverns to rejuvenation temples, and PvP arenas to parkour, their creations are amazing and a benefit to everyone.

The Teen Minecraft club plays together in a survival world created for/by them that is only accessible from within the computer lab every Friday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. There is no pre-registration for the teen club, and more often than not we fill up all 18 computers in the lab and still have some players waiting, so we rotate every half hour (as needed) so that everyone gets plenty of playing time.

The game world is reset about every three to four months so that new players get a chance to start out fresh along with everyone else.  These resets are both exciting because they provide a fresh, blank canvas to create and play on, but also sad because previous builds are lost. That being said, I’ve discovered that as the teens learn, grow, and discover how to build new things, their creations seem to get more complex and amazing with each new world.

I feel very lucky to work with these amazing teens, and I can’t wait to see what they build next!

(The Teen Minecraft Club has approved this message.)

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