The Provo City Library first jumped into the Instagram world almost two and a half years ago. We started simple, with a picture of our Circulation desk’s Halloween decorations. Now, we have over 1,070 followers and more than 550 posts. We’ve used the account to promote books and programs, hold competitions, and generally keep people informed about what we’re doing and what we love. In addition to all that, we’ve used it to hold moments of remembrance for past events in Provo and the library, i.e. Throwback Thursdays. Shown below are our most liked Throwback Thursday (#tbt) posts.  


5. In fifth place, we have a three-way tie: The first post is a snapshot of our building back when it housed the Brigham Young Academy. The second is of the Lewis Building, where Brigham Young Academy first began. The third shows the library’s beehive fountain, which was part of the original building grounds, and was rebuilt as close to the original as possible when the library was redone in 1999.

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“Before there was the Provo City Library, there was… the Brigham Young Academy! Looking back to the early days of such a beautiful building made for learning and looking forward to a bright future. “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!” –Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol” 


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“Throwback to the original home of the Brigham Young Academy before it moved to where the Library is located now! Located on the northeast corner of 3rd West and Center St., the Lewis Building burned down in 1884, the year after this picture was taken. (University Archives, BYU)”


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“ 'A new fountain exactly like the old one will be placed in the same spot when construction is complete… The top section of the old fountain—the granite beehive—will be part of the new fountain. Workers will replicate the rest of the fountain from old photos.' –Amy K. Stewart, The DailyHerald, August 6, 1999”


4. In fourth place, we have a then-and-now comparison picture, showing the 1876 Brigham Young Academy building next to the current-day Provo City Library.


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“Throwback Thursday! This photo is the original Brigham Young Academy, dated 1876. The restored building reopened at the Provo City Library at Academy Square in 2001.”


3. The third place picture shows a couple standing outside the original Provo Library, which, at the time, was located in the basement of the courthouse. 


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“Throwback Thursday to the old Provo Library! This couple knew when it was time to bundle up and celebrate the first snow of the year!”


2. In second place, we have another tie, both stunning original pictures of the Brigham Young Academy building. The former is dated appx. 1906, the latter 1897.


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“Throwback Thursday #provolibrary #provorocks #gelatinsilverprint #1906live #trees #thatmountaintho”


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“Throwing it back to 1897! Long before this was the #provolibrary, it was the Brigham Young Academy. (Photo courtesy of BYU L. Tom Perry Special Collections).”


1. And finally (drumroll please), our first place prize goes to the photo of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Brigham Young Academy. That one was cool enough that the Utah Valley paper asked if they could use it in one of their Sunday editions.


ig8 copy

“In October 1890, a crowd gathered outside the Academy Building to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Brigham Young Academy #throwWaybackthursday #oldiebutgoodie #october #provo #nofilter”


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