childrens sculptureWe get many questions at the Children's Desk about the distinctive artwork featured in our area. The large sculptures of a unicorn and a dragon that sit behind the desk are especially good at eliciting curiosity and admiration. We often find toddlers who have sneaked behind the librarians' chairs so that they can stare up in awe at the fantasy creatures and try to touch them.

These colorful and whimsical creations are the work of local artist Jean Jeppson Clay. To make her "cloth machê" art, she first builds a framework of the shape and then covers it with cloth dipped in a glue mixture. When this dries it becomes very hard, and then Jean adds paint and adornments until her one-of-a-kind masterpiece is complete. Besides the two sculptures behind the Children's Desk, many more of Jean's creations are displayed throughout the children's side of the library on top of shelves and in window wells. 

Come visit us and experience the talent of a great local artist!


You can also see more of Jean’s work at!

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