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The Provo City Library Teen Volunteer Board is a group of teens who meet together on the first Thursday of every month to work on projects that benefit our library and our community. Most of our meetings involve brain storming ideas for library activities or preparing materials for upcoming programs – in the past we’ve prepared things like Harry Potter wands, monster jars, and fairy houses! If the lure of awesome crafts isn’t enough to convince you to come to our next meeting, here is my list of the top ten reasons you should come to Teen Volunteer Board.

10. You’ll meet new people. Teens from many different schools come to Teen Volunteer Board, so come to a meeting and you might just meet your new best friend.

9. You can make your voice heard. When you come to Teen Volunteer Board you have a say in library programs. If you love all things Hunger Games, then come to Teen Volunteer Board and suggest that we do a movie night, read-a-thon, or whatever else you think teens in the community would enjoy!

8. It’s your chance to try out a career! If you’ve ever considered becoming a librarian, Teen Volunteer Board is a wonderful chance to see what being a librarian is all about. 

7. You’ll explore new interests. Teen Volunteer Board is a chance to get out of your comfort zone and try things you’ve never tried before. 

6. You can suggest which items the library should purchase. At Teen Volunteer Board, you can help librarians pick which books, CDs, DVDs, and other materials should be a part of our collection.

5. Do it for the feel good factor. Come to Teen Volunteer Board and leave with the warm fuzzy feeling of time well spent in the service of others. Plus, focusing on others is a proven way to lower your stress levels.  

4. Bolster your college applications. Before you know it, it will be time to apply for college and Teen Volunteer Board looks great under that community involvement section.

3. Bolster your job applications too! Along with those college applications, you’ll need references when you apply for your first job. If you come to Teen Volunteer Board regularly you can ask one of the librarians you’ve been helping to be a reference. 

2. It’s your chance to give back. Maybe you came to a past library program that you just loved! Well, now it’s your turn to plan and prep for new activities so future teens can have that same kind of magical library experience!  

1. Do it for the Candy. At Teen Volunteer Board, we always keep our candy basket well stocked. Yum! 

So there you have it! I expect to see you all at our next Teen Volunteer Board meeting on March 3rd in the Brimhall Room #302 from 6:30 to 7:30pm. We’ll be working on a recycling project to go along with the upcoming Green Revolution exhibit in The Attic. We are going to have a blast! If it’s your first time at Teen Volunteer Board, be sure to print out an application from or pick one up from the First Floor Reference Desk. Call (801) 852-6661 if you have any questions!

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