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March 2019

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Audiobook Additions


Call Number Title Author
F ADKINS When You Read This Mary Adkins
F BENEDICT Carnegie's Maid Marie Benedict
F BENEDICT The Other Einstein Marie Benedict
F CASTLE Nikki He #10 Crashing Heat Richard Castle
F COBEN Run Away Harlan Coben
F CUSSLER Dirk Pit #25 Celtic Empire Clive Cussler
F DEWITT French Exit Patrick deWitt
F ENGER Virgil Wander Leif Enger
F HARPER The Lost Man Jane Harper
F HARPER Aaron Fa #1 The Dry Jane Harper
F HARPER Aaron Fa #2 Force of Nature Jane Harper
F HELLER The River Peter Heller
F HENDRICK An Anonymous Girl Greer Hendricks
F JAMES Dark Sta #1 Black Leopard, Red Wolf Marlon James
F KIMBALL A Guarded Heart Heidi Kimball
F KUANG The Poppy War R.F. Kuang
F LAWHON I was Anastasia Ariel Lawhon
F LETTS Finding Dorothy Elizabeth Letts
F LINTON Escape to Everly Manor Chalon Linton
F PATTERSO The Cornwalls Are Gone James Patterson
F PETERSON Bloodline Kathi Oram Peterson
F POULSON Watch Your Back Clair Poulson
F SCHARER The Age of Light Whitney Scharer
F SEE Island of Sea Women Lisa See
F STEEL Silent Night Danielle Steel
F TELLER All the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother Danielle Teller
F VALENTE Space Opera Catherynne Valente
F WINSPEAR Maisie #15 The American Agent Jacqueline Winspear



Call Number Title Author
121.68 WIN The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose Oprah Winfrey
158.1082 HOL Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals Rachel Hollis
153.83 ZIG Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time Tom Ziglar
177.7 SAN Radical Kindness: The Life-Changing Power of Giving and Receiving Angela Santomero
289.322 CAL A Case for The Book of Mormon Tad R. Callister
289.322 CHR Every Day Power from the Book of Mormon: Fortifying Your Foundation of Faith Jack R. Christianson
345.744 ROB The Trial of Lizzie Borden Cara Robertson
629.454 DON Shoot for the Moon: The Space Race and the Extraordinary Voyage of Apollo 11 Jim Donovan
791.4302 FIS My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie Todd Fisher
YA 811.54 AND Shout Laurie Halse Anderson
BIO BLACK All that Remains: A Renowned Forensic Scientist on Death, Mortality, and Solving Crimes Sue M. Black
BIO BROWN Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope Karamo Brown
BIO GINSBURG Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Irin Carmon
BIO LAND Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive Stephanie Land
BIO NAPIER Make Something Good Today Erin Napier and Ben Napier
BIO NEWTON-JOHN Don't Stop Believin' Olivia Newton-John
BIO PATRICK The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick Mallory O'Meara


YA Fiction

Call Number Title Author
YA F ALBERTAL What If It's Us Becky Albertalli
YA F BERRY Lovely War Julie Berry
YA F BRODY System D #1 Sky without Stars Jessica Brody
YA F CAVALLAR Charlott #3 The Case for Jamie Brittany Cavallaro
YA F CAVALLAR Charlott #4 A Question of Holmes Brittany Cavallaro
YA F CHIMA Shattere #4 Deathcaster Cinda Williams Chima
YA F CHOKSHI The Gilded Wolves Roshani Chokshi
YA F CLAYTON Belles #1 The Belles Dhonielle Clayton
YA F CLAYTON Belles #2 The Everlasting Rose Dhonielle Clayton
YA F CONDIE The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe Ally Condie
YA F DE LA PENA DC Icons #4 Superman: Dawnbreaker Matt de la Pena
YA F EVES Blood Ro #2 Lost Crow Conspiracy Rosalyn Eves
YA F EVES Blood Ro #3 Winter War Awakening Rosalyn Eves
YA F FOREST Black wi The Rebel Mages Laurie Forest
YA F FORMAN I Have Lost My Way Gayle Forman
YA F JOHNSON Truly #1 Truly Devious Maureen Johnson
YA F JOHNSON Truly #2 The Vanishing Stair Maureen Johnson
YA F LU DC Icons #2 Batman: Nightwalker Marie Lu
YA F MEJIA We Set the Dark on Fire Tehlor Kay Mejia
YA F NIELSEN Traitor #2 The Deceiver's Heart Jennifer A. Nielsen
YA F PAN The Astonishing Color of After Emily X.R. Pan
YA F REYNOLDS Opposite of Always Justin Reynolds
YA F STAMPER What the Night Sings Vesper Stamper
YA F WHITE Slayer #1 Slayer Kiersten White


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